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convenient dog grooming & wash

Come home with a clean dog

After a day of joyous pack play, your dog will be happy -- but probably not couch-ready. Bundle in a bath or "Spaw" treatment with your daycare or boarding and take home a soft, fluffy cuddle monster.

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Treat your dog to Calgary's finest dog grooming experience. They'll feel like a puppy again! Click here for more information about packages, and here for a guide to breeds.


Treatment Toy Small Medium Large X-Large Giant
BLOW OUT $20-$30 $25-35 $30-40 $35-45 $40-65 $45-75
PAWSH PUPPY $30-50 $35-55 $40-60 $50-75 $55-90 $60-100
SPAW RITUAL $50-65 $55-70 $60-75 $70-85 $80-105 $90-115

A la Carte

Treatment Price
Anal Gland Expression $15
Deskunking $15
Ear Cleaning $10
Face Trim $15
Fur Comb $5
Nail Trim $10
Nail File $5
Paw Trim $10

Dental Treatment

Treatment Description Price
Initial Treatment Teeth Brushing, your choice of chicken or mint flavour.
Complimentary Zuke’s Dental Bone, your choice of apple, berry or carrot flavour.
Complimentary Bluestem Oral Care water additive.
You keep the toothbrush!
Followup Treatment Must be booked at least once every 4 weeks, or an initial treatment will be required to bring the teeth back to maintenance condition. Bring your toothbrush from the initial treatment! $10

Request an appointment for grooming through our online customer portal, or give us a call at 403-890-9768 to book over the phone. Grooming appointments can be requested at the end of any daycare or boarding visit. Please note that your dog's vaccinations must be up to date for a trip to our "spaw".

"Spaw" Treatment Packages

 blow out

Prepare to be blown away! Your pup will enjoy a relaxing lavender bath and be transformed into a clean cuddling machine.

  • - Warm Bath
  • - Warm Towel
  • - Blow Out
  • - Brush Out
  • - Leave-in Conditioning Treatment

pawsh puppy

Spoil your pooch by adding a little extra to their Blow Out service. Nothing wrong with a pawdicure and some clean ears!

  • - Warm Bath
  • - Warm Towel
  • - Blow Out
  • - Brush Out
  • - Leave-in Conditioning Treatment
  • + Nail Trim
  • + Ear Cleaning

 spaw ritual

Treat your pup to our signature service! Our stylists will work with you and your pet to transform them into the super stylish, soft and smooth “you-can-not-take-your-hands-off-them” kinda dog.

  • - Warm Bath
  • - Warm Towel
  • - Blow Out
  • - Brush Out
  • - Leave-in Conditioning Treatment
  • - Nail Trim
  • - Ear Cleaning
  • + Cut
  • + Picture of Your Pet!
  • + Complimentary Treat!
  • + Bandana, added charge.

breed reference

Breed Weight Examples
Toy up to 8 lbs Shih Tzu, Pomeranian, Chihuahua
Small 8-20 lbs Shih Tzu, Pomeranian, Chihuahua
Medium 20-40 lbs Wheaten Terrier, Cocker Spaniel
Large 40-90 lbs Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd, Doberman
X-Large 90-100 lbs Great Pyrenees, Komondor
Giant over 100 lbs Great Dane, Newfoundlander, St.Bernard, Mastiff