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refer your friends for rewards

Rewards for bringing friends to join the pack

We have some pretty incredible clients. Since Black Collar Society’s inception, we have known that the key to growing our business would lie not only in our ability to provide a high-end pet care experience, but also in our ability to inspire you to share this experience with your friends and family.



For every (1) successful dog walking referral, you will receive a $23 credit on services.



For every (1) successful in-home dog sitting referral, you will receive a $75 credit on services.

See Terms and Conditions below

Terms and Conditions

  1. There is no limit to the number of friends that can be referred by a current client.
  2. The referring party must provide the name of the referrer at the time of inital contact or during the scheduled meet and greet.
  3. Referring client must be in good standing and have no past due invoices at the time of submitting referrals.
  4. Rewards and credits are earned upon initial booking and payment, not subsequent bookings.
  5. The client must not have the same mailing address or service address as the referring client.
  6. The referred client must book and pay for services in full in order to validate the referral.
  7. The referred client must be a first time client of Black Collar Society.
  8. Clients may not refer the same referrals more than once.
  9. All services must be utilized within (6) months of the referral.
  10. Rewards are non-transferrable.
  11. All dogs and owners must comply with Black Collar Society’s policies and procedures.
  12. All additional charges apply. (Holiday surcharge, cancellations and extra pets.)
  13. All services are subject to availability.
  14. Black Collar Society in its sole discretion may alter, amend, change or cancel this promotion at any time with or without notice.