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trusted pet sitting in calgary

You don't need to worry...

We aren't the flighty teen across the street, the well-intentioned relative with little experience caring for pets or the busy friend who sometimes forgets to call. We are professionals. Caring for your pets and home while you're away is our business.

trusted pet sitting in calgary

It may seem like a good idea to ask a neighbor or a friend to check on your house and pets while you're away - but friends and neighbors don't know the right questions to ask or have the appropriate experience to keep your pets and home safe. They may not think about your pet rushing out the door, or that leaving out human food might be a problem. They might think it's no big deal to skip a day. Or hundreds of other scenarios that we have considered, and have a process in place to protect against.

The last thing you want to do when you're thousands of miles away is have to rush back home because your pet escaped, or ate something they shouldn't and wound up at the vet. Black Collar Society is a professional provider of in-home pet care. We have the experience and systems to ensure that the usual complications are not an issue.

what does a pet sitter do?

A pet sitter is more than a random person who stops by your house once in a while. Our sitters get to know you, your pets and your home so that we can keep your household running smoothly while you're away. When you come home, it shouldn't be to droopy houseplants, a pile of newspapers on the front stoop and a sad, neglected (and possible destructive) pet. We provide peace of mind so that you can enjoy your trip.

Daytime Care

Pets will not be left unattended for longer than 4 hours, and can join your sitter outside if you choose.

Overnight Care

A Black Collar Society staff member will stay in your home overnight to watch over your house, belongings and all of your pets.

Little Things

We will also water your plants, bring in your mail & packages, put out the trash and all the little things.

Love & Cuddles

We don't skimp on the cuddles and attention, no matter what species your pet.

Walks & Exercise

Your pet will be provided with appropriate exercise and outdoor time.

Basic Necessities

Your pet will have fresh food & water, medications and frequent washroom breaks or litter cleanup.

in-home pet sitting pricing

Our in-home pet sitting service is different than calling in a favour from a friend, or asking a relative. We provide professional care, follow strict policies and are fully bonded, licensed & insured. When we are in your home, we are 100% on the job - no spouses, no friends, nothing at all but us caring for your home and pets with our full attention.

Pet Sitting


per night

  • Includes 1 dog + up to 2 cats
  • +$10 additional dog / per night
    (same household)
  • +$5 additional pet / per night
    (hamster, reptile, fish, etc)
  • Daytime care (maximum 4 hours unsupervised)
  • Overnight supervision (we stay at your home)
  • Exercise and/or walks
  • Water plants, take out trash, check mail
  • +$25 per night for Statutory Holidays

Register below to provide information about your pets in our online system, and we'll reach out to let you know the next steps. Contact us well ahead of your planned travel time, as spots for in-home care are limited.

In-Home Pet Sitting FAQs

When there's a medical emergency with your pet, do your friends or family members know what to do? The last thing you need on your vacation is a panicked call from the veterinary hospital requesting permission to provide emergency treatment. Black Collar Society has staff that are trained in pet first aid and know how to identify an incident versus an emergency. We are professionals. This is our job. Friends and family often have work commitments and your pet may be left alone for long periods of time. You don't have to feel guilty about making an imposition on your loved ones when you hire Black Collar Society. Our focus is entirely upon your home and your pets while you're away.
Absolutely. If your pet is not allowed on the couch, we will firmly and gently make sure they stay off the couch. If they like to lick peanut butter off a spoon before bed, we're happy to oblige. However, there are limits. Our policies prevent us from using physical force or fear techniques, and we will not endanger the health or safety of any animal for any reason.
When we are in your home, we are at work. Spouses, partners, friends or any other visitors are strictly prohibited. For the safety of our staff, they will not provide access to your home (even at your request) during their stay unless there is an event which requires emergency services.
Black Collar Society staff are trained and certified in pet first aid, body language and stress signals. We have strict protocols for veterinary emergencies and are trained to follow them. We ask detailed questions about your pet's health, behaviours and home routine during our meet & greet ensures that we have the information we need to keep your pet and home safe. Your pet's safety is our first priority.
We can use a guest room or stay wherever it will be most convenient and comfortable for you. Our meet & greet will establish what boundaries are in your comfort zone, and our staff will adhere to them. We will show the highest level of respect for your home and property, and will leave it in the condition we found it - or better.
Because we have a team and are not just one person, you can request as long as you'd like.
Don't worry! Reach out to the main office and let us know what you need. We are in continuous contact with our staff and can make sure it's taken care of.
Absolutely not. Black Collar Society is a full service company, we bring our own consumables. However, if there is food that will go bad while you're away - we will be happy to help.