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pet transportation: the bcs pet taxi

don't be late!

Playing taxi driver to get your pet to the vet, to be groomed or to daycare can take a big chunk of quality time out of your day. Let us handle those errands for you with our pet taxi service.

wouldn't you rather be relaxing?

Errands and traffic are working against your plan to enjoy your free time. Waiting until after work to take your pet to that vet appointment could put your trip right into rush hour. Enjoy that quality time at home instead. We can run your pet errands during the day so everything is ready for you to relax when you get home.

  • Vet Appointments
  • Grooming Appointments
  • Daycare Drop-off
  • Supplies Shopping
  • Custody Sharing

pet taxi pricing

Let us do the running so you can do the living.

Pet Taxi
Pet Transportation


per pet, plus mileage

  • + $10 each additional dog
    (same household)
  • + 54ยข/km mileage

To request a pet taxi at your home or other location, use the registration or login buttons below - or give us a call at 403-890-9768 for more information.