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calgary's boutique pet store

the anti big-box pet store

Are you tired of wandering around giant big-box stores like PetSmart and PetLand? Trying to avoid products that might be bad for your pet but not sure how to tell the difference? Come see us. We aren't like those other stores.

Visit our raw bar filled with healthy treats

high quality pet products

we carry majority Made in Canada products, and stock our shelves with locally sourced goods when we can. Our curated product choices focus on the nutrition, health & happiness of your pet.

We know what works and what doesn't because we've tested these products in real life, and gotten feedback from pet owners just like you. Our shelves are stocked with the best quality products the industry has to offer.

your pet's personal shopper

When shopping with us, you get the benefit of our personal shopper experience. We take the time to talk with you to understand your pet's preferences and health needs so that we can make good suggestions. Our experience with both these products and personal time with your pet help to guide you toward successful purchases. If you haven't visited us before, bring your pet with you, we'd love to meet them! They just might have a shopping spree of their own.

There's no need to make an appointment to see a personal shopper, you can come in anytime during our regular hours of operation. If you're curious about your facility and the services we offer, please do book a tour so that we can give you the full experience.

sampling of products we offer

adorable gifts for dog lovers

high quality natural food

harnesses, toys and feeding

private label collars & leashes

fresh dog biscuits & treats

tons of everyday supplies

Come on over and spend some time browsing for the perfect gift for a dog lover in your life, or for your own dog. While you're here, get to know us better! We love to talk with dog parents.